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Meet the Accessories

Dual-Headed Toothbrush

Most people focus on the cheek-side of their teeth while brushing- the tongue side is less visible and easier to miss (but still important!). With the dual-headed toothbrush, you can take care of both sides at once. And what about the chewing surface of the teeth? Simply flip the brush over to brush your tongue with the extra set of soft bristles. You can brush with toothpaste alone first, and then turn the water on for a rinsing effect- or jump straight to using a mouthwash with the press of a button.

Standard Irrigating Tip

A toothbrush only gets 60% of your tooth surface. This is our classic water-flossing tip, which aims a stream of water to flush food or bacteria from under your gum line and between your chompers. The choice of water pressure is in your hands with our comfort pressure dial.

Irrigating Gum Massager

We hate to brag- but no other oral care product comes with this revolutionary accessory. With seven simultaneous streams and rubber spouts, you can bring this bad boy right up to your gum line and massage in a circular motion. It even fits between braces and the gum line, so your teens have no excuse not to use it. You’re essentially using seven water picks at once, so it’s pretty much a spa in your mouth.

Single Headed Toothbrush

Feeling intimidated by the dual-headed toothbrush? No worries, that’s where the single-headed toothbrush (otherwise known as “a toothbrush”) comes in. Yes, it still connects to your water or mouth rinse, allowing water flossing while you’re brushing for that amazing post-dentist-visit-clean feel.

Sensitive Gum Tip

Some of us have sensitive souls and some have sensitive gums. If you have either, you might prefer the sensitive gum tip. This tool is similar to the standard tip, with an extra-soft rubber end. Enjoy the same water flow, with a gentler touch.

Irrigating Orthodontic Brush

This specialty small circular brush fits in and around braces, implants or bridge work- for those smaller, hard to reach areas that need a little brushin’ love while irrigating. It’s like your toothbrush’s smaller and nimbler cousin.

Irrigating Periodontal Pocket Tip

The area around your tooth is your periodontium. If bone loss has occurred, it can create deep pockets between your teeth that trap food and bacteria. With its extra narrow end, this tip is specifically designed to help you keep these pockets clean or deliver a antimicrobial rinse deep into the tissue.


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