What if you could WATER floss
every time you showered?

The average person spends 9 minutes in the shower.
Make it 10 and floss too while you’re at it.

Don’t “forget to floss” ever again.

Hooked up to your showerhead, the Toothshower makes it easy to incorporate flossing into your everyday routine.


Love water flossers but hate getting completely soaked every time you try to use them? Toothshower brings you GREAT results without the wet mess and time consuming cleanup.


Tired of achy, bloody gums after flossing? Eliminate the pain of flossing with an adjustable flow of water. The only sensation you’ll feel after using Toothshower is tingling clean!

Perfect For


Sensitive / Receding Gums


Don’t just take our word for it…

“At first I thought I didn’t need this because I honestly thought I took good care of my teeth until I tried the Toothshower for a month. Boy was I wrong… The Toothshower makes me feel like I just had a dentist visit each and every morning. Not to mention my Dental Hygienist was so proud of me when she found out I had been using it! Literally never going back to flossing or another water flosser.”

“In a society where every minute that you have counts, the ToothShower has really streamlined my morning routine. Showering and coming out with a clean mouth, never mind a clean sink/mirror, is one of the best feelings ever.”

“I enjoy using my Toothshower, it gets my teeth clean, and if you don’t like to floss it can accomplish that task without the in-mouth gymnastics of old-fashioned floss.”

“I actually enjoy standing in the shower stream, relaxing and cleaning my teeth.”

“Let’s face it, brushing teeth usually feels like a chore. But this product actually makes me excited to brush my teeth. I have always preferred to brush my teeth in the shower, so it seemed like a no-brainer. And flossing is a dreadful experience every time. While the ToothShower might not be quite as good as actually flossing, it still does a way better job than I ever could, all without mess, or pain.”

“I have used water flossers for years and got so sick of them breaking, the motor always dies or the battery does not recharge. ToothShower is fantastic, what a great concept. There is no battery or motor so I should be good for a while with this product.”

“A ‘Dyson’ in the Shower! The ToothShower is one of those products that simply has a “feel” that lets you know there was some serious thought put into its design. When you use it…you quickly realize, you don’t ever want to go back to a traditional water cleaner.”

What is the difference between
the ToothShower and countertop water flossers?

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