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Help Promote Good Oral Care

Ask Your Dentist if They Would Recommend a ToothShower

FSA, HSA, or HRA Eligible

Improve Your Dental Checkups

It’s best to verify eligibility with your provider

If a dentist prescribes a ToothShower for health reasons, you may be able to pay for it with your flexible spending or health savings account. Cleaning between your teeth where your toothbrush is missing can promote good oral health and help to prevent Gingivitis.

  1. Verify with your plan administrator that your purchase may be covered. Proceed with purchasing a ToothShower.
  2. Ask your dentist or periodontist to complete a Letter of Medical Necessity, your plan administrator will have this form.
  3. If required, submit the letter and any required documentation and your paid receipt from ToothShower to your plan administrator.
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Free US Shipping On Orders Over $25