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General Questions

What is ToothShower?

ToothShower is an oral home care appliance developed to remove plaque (biofilm) surrounding and in between the teeth.  It uses a jet stream of water to remove the plaque. It includes three accessories to brush, flush, and massage the teeth and gums, with additional accessories available on our website. This is all done in the shower for an easy and enjoyable way to clean your teeth.

Is it the same thing as an oral irrigator/water flosser?

Yes, the ToothShower is an oral irrigator/water flosser. Most oral irrigators on the market today use a battery and need water refilling, while the effectiveness of the ToothShower relies on the power from the shower water pressure. The technologies are different in that the ToothShower enables more compliance, ease of use, no mess to clean up and an endless supply of water.

Is it an alternative to flossing?

Yes, studies have shown oral irrigation to be beneficial for healing bleeding gums and removing plaque. Your toothbrush does not fully reach between your teeth and floss can be difficult to use. Teeth have five sides to them, and a toothbrush is only cleaning three of those sides. There are two more sides to each tooth, these sides are where the teeth touch each other. The ToothShower accessories will enable you to clean 100% of your teeth surfaces.

Is the ToothShower FDA registered?

The FDA considers an oral irrigator, tooth brush and a gum massager to all be Class 1 medical devices. The ToothShower is registered and listed with the FDA along with being manufactured in an FDA-registered manufacturer.

Does it require charging or electricity?

No, the ToothShower does not have a battery or require electricity.  This design makes it convenient to use and saves space on the bathroom counter by being located in the shower. 


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