Hardware Questions

Is the additional washer (included) necessary to use in the Water Diverter Valve?

When installing the Water Diverter Valve it is best to use the additional washer prior to screwing it onto the shower plumbing pipe.
(Please reference User Manual below)

How does the Water Diverter Valve work?

The Water Diverter Valve is intentionally designed to always have water flowing to the ToothShower. Use the Comfort Pressure Dial to turn the water flow OFF/ON to the accessory tips.

What if my showerhead is too low?

Showerhead extension arms are available, which can be screwed onto the ToothShower diverter valve. First remove existing showerhead, second screw on ToothShower diverter valve, third screw onto the diverter the extension arm and lastly screw existing showerhead onto the extension arm.

Is there a ToothShower User Manual?

Yes, please click here.

Can I adjust the amount of water being shared between my showerhead and the ToothShower?

Yes, the Water Diverter Valve is used to adjust how much water is diverted to the showerhead  the ToothShower. The more water flow diverted to the ToothShower, the stronger its flow and consequently its pressure will be.

How do I switch the accessories?

Press the accessory insertion button to release the accessory tip. Once released, place it into the storage compartment. The next accessory tip is inserted into the handle by hearing a 'click' sound, and pulling on it to make sure it is secure.