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Shipping & Delivery

How long do I have to wait for my ToothShower to arrive?

For US orders, please allow 5-8 days to receive your ToothShower, unless you choose Expedited Shipping on your order.

What countries do you currently ship to?

ToothShower is shipped around the world with any VAT charges paid by the customer. If you have trouble choosing your country, please contact us.

Is the plumbing in other countries outside of the United States compatible?

The universal standard sized piping extending from the shower wall is a ½” pipe size worldwide. In the United States, it is referred to as ½” NPT (National Pipe Threads) and in Europe, Asia and Africa it is ½” BSP (British Pipe Thread). Even though there are two different names for these pipe size standards, they closely match. The difference between these two thread types can be seen in the pitch (angle of the thread); and to compensate for this plumbing, thread tape is recommended and included in the packaging.

Is there a maximum quantity I can order?

No, but for quantities greater than 4, please contact ToothShower directly.


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