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ToothShower Use

Can I adjust the pressure if my gums are sensitive?

Yes, since the water force behind the ToothShower technology is adjustable with a comfort dial, it is recommended to start on the lower pressure until your gums are comfortable to the pressure.  Since it is used in the shower, warm water is always available to aid against cold sensitivity.

Can you use mouthwash or tooth whitener in the ToothShower?

Yes, the appliance has been designed to be filled with a mouth rinse to kill germs and freshen breath.  You can also use a whitening, desensitizing or fluoridated mouthwash, depending on the desired results. Do not use with mouth rinses containing essential oils as they may damage the device.

Can the device be shared?

Yes, ToothShower has been designed for more than one user.  There are two storage areas for each user’s three accessories, enabling at least six total accessories to be stored. There are different colored rings on the accessories for easy identification.

Can the ToothShower clean the tongue?

Yes, the toothbrush has shorter silicone bristles on the back of the toothbrush head that can be used to clean debris and dead skin cells off the tongue.

Is there a recommended order to utilizing the three accessories?

No, all three accessories reach their own unique areas.  This ensures that plaque is removed thoroughly and helps build better oral care habits. Our BRUSH. FLUSH. MASSAGE. tagline is meant as a suggested order.

How is the dual-headed toothbrush recommended to be used?

It is recommended that this soft-bristled toothbrush be used in a circular motion to brush the entire visible surfaces and the gum line. The dual headed toothbrush is conveniently reaching both the cheek-side and tongue-side simultaneously. You can have your own fluoridated toothpaste in the shower to use with the toothbrush, or you can brush with a fluoridated mouth rinse from the ToothShower reservoir. It is recommended that you replace the toothbrush every 3 months.

How do I use the irrigating tip?

The irrigating tip is placed at a 90-degree angle to the gum line. The tip is moved along the gum line to clean above and below the gum and in between the teeth. The irrigating tip can be used on the inside (tongue-side) and outside (cheek-side) of the teeth. It takes about 60 seconds to clean between the teeth by spending a couple of seconds per interproximal (between teeth) space. The irrigating tip is recommended to be replaced every 6 months.

How do I use the irrigating gum massager?

The gum massager/irrigator flushes water from the cheek-side out through tongue-side of the teeth removing food and bacteria debris. It is placed directly onto the gum tissue surrounding the teeth for massaging the gums while irrigating. The massager can be moved left-right / up-down. The gum massager is recommended to be replaced every 6 months. Please note: the gum massager is most efficient with all the water diverted from the showerhead to the ToothShower for this brief time of use.

How does the ToothShower work with braces?

Flossing is very difficult and frustrating with braces. Oral irrigation has been proven to be very effective in removing debris around orthodontic bands. All three accessories attachments are designed to be effective for use with braces.

Is ToothShower safe to use if you have periodontal pockets?

Yes, the full depth of the periodontal pocket may not be reached, but the water flushing can assist in treating the progression of the periodontal disease. Please consult with your dental professional as to treating periodontal pockets deeper than 4 mm or if you have recently had periodontal surgery. Try our periodontal pocket accessory tip to deliver a germ-killing mouthwash into the pocket.

Can children safely use it?

ToothShower has been designed for use by children age 13 years of age and over. Children under age 13 should be supervised by an adult while using the ToothShower.

Do I have to use the ToothShower every day to be effective?

No, cleaning between the teeth is effective to  promote good oral health whether done once a week or seven times a week. However, to be most effective, at least once a day is recommended.