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Hygienists! CLICK OFFER BUTTON BELOW for Free ToothShower. ONLY THE COST of Shipping & Handling APPLIES (estimate $15-$18). LIMIT 1 per person while supplies last. US only.

Offer your patients a 15% off discount code: PATIENT15...Scroll Down To Read What Dental Hygienists Are Saying About ToothShower


Never worry about charging or stealing batteries from your remote control!


Easily swap out accessories for different family members


Adjust water pressure using a simple comfort dial


Accessories that increase your angle and get the tough to reach spots


Powered by your shower – no electricity required


You’re already in the shower, no clean up required!


Hear what some hygienists are saying…

A Product Like No Other!!!!

Wow! I’m a dental hygienist and I’ve been using this tooth shower for exactly a month now and literally am in LOVE with it! Not only was it easy to install on my own, but there are SO many different ways you can use it that I just can’t stop using it! I’ve been using my favorite mouthwash with it and using the dual sided toothbrush (which is AMAZING)! Also, it’s soooo much more convenient flossing and brushing in the shower that I get out and have a totally different sense of cleanness than I ever have before!!!! It’s such an awesome experience that when I don’t take a shower and have to use my water flosser I’m genuinely upset and seriously consider hopping in the shower to use my tooth shower! I’m SUCH a fan and literally tell everyone about it because I’m telling you, once you start using this you won’t want to stop!


Dental Hygienist

The Pink Hygienist

I am a Dental Hygienist and I just tried this tonight! It was easy to hook up in my shower and I recommend it! I will recommend it to my patients with dexterity issues such as Parkinson’s and my patients who have a history with strokes and TIA’s. It is easy to use and I highly recommend this product! 👍😍😘👍


Dental Hygienist

Recommend to Everyone!

As a dental hygienist, I had never used a water pick in the past so I typically never recommended them to my patients due to lack of knowledge. I started using mine and fell in love! I love that you can use it in the shower so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. I tell all of my patients about the Tooth Shower now!


Dental Hygienist

Great Product!

As a hygienist, I highly recommend water flossing over string floss. The ToothShower is perfect for those who don’t want the mess.


Dental Hygienist

So Convenient

I have really enjoyed my ToothShower. It is so convenient and easy to use I never forget to use it. As a dental professional I love products that I can enjoy and recommend to my patients.


Dental Professional

Love It!

I’m a dental hygienist and I highly recommend the tooth shower. It’s very convenient and works wonderfully! I recommend this to my patients, especially my patients that hate the mess of the Waterpik.


Dental Hygienist

Product is High Quality and Perfect for My Orthodontic Patients

I can’t wait to use the gum massager more! The water intensity dial works great. The gum massager is efficient and gets between all my teeth. I recommend this for anyone with braces, implants or bridges. It is mess free since you are already in the shower when you use it. Easy to use for anyone. No countertop space needed or to lean over a sink.

Dr. Squire


I Love the ToothShower

IIt’s so easy to use. I like using the standard irrigating tip and find it very effective. As a dental hygienist, patient compliance with oral irrigators is a big obstacle to good oral health. They say the process is messy, they don’t have room by their sink, or they don’t have time to use it. ToothShower takes away all those negatives and the result is healthy teeth and gums. It’s as easy as taking a shower!


Dental Hygienist

Best Tool I Have Ever Used!

My mouth feels 100% better after using this amazing “ToothShower”. I definitely recommend it, I have told my patient’s about it.

Dr. Fernando

Dental Hygienist

Wonderful and Convenient

I really enjoy the easy use of this product. I am a dental hygienist and love using oral irrigators but did not like them 1) sitting out on my counter and 2) how messy it can get, this eliminated both problems! I really don’t feel like my shower is complete anymore until I use my ToothShower.


Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist Loves This!

I have been a practicing dental hygienist for 40+ years and getting patients to floss and brush at the gumline has always been a huge challenge. The biggest complaint from patients about a water pik is the huge mess and the counter space it takes up. The ToothShower solves both of those problems- and leaves you with truly clean teeth! The dual headed toothbrush attachment makes it easy to properly brush the gumline. There is a bit of a learning curve as with all new devices, but I love it!


Dental Hygienist

Hygienist Loves It!

I have been a dental hygienist for 21 years and within the last 5 years have been recommending the waterpik to my patients. I have always thought it would be awesome if they would make one for the shower. Here it is so will be recommending the ToothShower to my patients that do not floss and like the convenience of using in the shower. My favorite tip is the classic tip I feel it is the most effective.


Dental Hygienist


I have used many different brands of counter top and portable water flossers before and I prefer it a million times over conventional flossing. As a Dental Hygienist I believe that you not only have to clean in between your teeth but make sure you get everything out from all around your gum line. Tooth shower is the combination of my favorite hygiene tool and the practicality of having it in your shower to not feel like is a bother to do it in the sink. I refer water flossers to my patients all the time and most of them love it, but a lot of them complain about the mess it makes. With tooth shower you can make all the mess you want and have super clean teeth. I love how my teeth feel after using it and how easy it was to install.


Dental Hygienist

Great Addition

After updating our bathroom, I decided to add a ToothShower. I had been reluctant throughout my career, to recommend getting a water irrigation system, to my patients who could not bother to floss. If they were reluctant to floss, which involves very little prep, and can be done anywhere, why would they go to the bathroom and set up a water irrigation device everyday ? The answer is, they wouldn’t.


Dental Hygienist

Great Product

I am a hygienist and bought for my son who refuses to floss! I can’t tell you the improvement that I have seen in his mouth and he absolutely loves it. He had a permanent retainer on his bottom teeth and he said it’s never been cleaner.


Dental Hygienist


I am a dental hygienist and I love the ToothShower! I even got my husband to use it and he loves it, too! Our mouths are much healthier and having it in the shower makes it so convenient and no mess!


Dental Hygienist

Hygiene Student

As a hygiene student, keeping up with newer methods of oral care is something that I value. Patients are always looking for different ways to floss, and the tooth shower is something that I would definitely recommend! It is super convenient for busier people who usually multitask and do more than one thing at a time, and also for people who need extra oral care such as orthodontic and periodontics patients. This product is also great for growing children (aged 11 and up) as it serves to encourage more flossing in a way that is more enticing than traditional thread flossing. The tooth shower also offers different floss attachments to suit the needs of any patient!


Hygiene Student

Power in the Shower

As a hygienist, my patients do not want another bulky tool on their counter. ToothShower is a great concept that you can use in the shower and save that counter space.


Dental Hygienist