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ToothShower frequently asked questions, we have answers.

ToothShower Frequently Asked Questions




ToothShower is an innovative oral home care device designed for effective plaque (biofilm) removal around and between the teeth. Utilizing a powerful water jet stream, it efficiently eliminates plaque. The device comes with three versatile accessories for brushing, flushing, and massaging the teeth and gums. Explore additional accessories on our website to enhance your oral care routine. Conveniently, ToothShower allows you to complete your teeth-cleaning regimen effortlessly and enjoyably in the shower.

ToothShower is not just an ordinary oral irrigator or water flosser—it stands out as a unique solution. Unlike many oral irrigators in the market that rely on batteries and require constant water refilling, ToothShower harnesses the power of your shower's water pressure for optimal effectiveness. This distinctive technology ensures enhanced compliance, ease of use, and eliminates the need for messy cleanup, providing you with an endless and convenient supply of water for your oral care routine.

Research indicates that oral irrigation is a valuable practice for addressing bleeding gums and effectively removing plaque. Traditional toothbrushes may struggle to reach between teeth, and flossing can be challenging. Given that teeth have five surfaces, with a toothbrush typically addressing only three, there is a need for comprehensive cleaning. ToothShower's specialized accessories empower you to clean all sides of your teeth, ensuring a thorough and effective oral care routine, reaching 100% of your teeth surfaces.

Absolutely. ToothShower falls under the category of Class 1 medical devices, as recognized by the FDA, encompassing oral irrigators, toothbrushes, and gum massagers. Rest assured, ToothShower is not only registered with the FDA but is also listed, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, the device is manufactured in a facility registered with the FDA, reinforcing our commitment to meeting the highest quality and safety standards for your peace of mind.

No, ToothShower operates without the need for a battery or electricity. This intentional design choice enhances convenience and saves valuable space on your bathroom counter. With ToothShower conveniently located in the shower, you can enjoy a hassle-free and clutter-free oral care experience.

For those new to water flossing, some may initially experience discomfort or a tickling sensation. To ensure a comfortable experience, it is advisable to start with the lowest water pressure setting and then gradually increase it as your gums become more accustomed. This gradual adjustment helps acclimate your gums to the water flossing process, promoting a more comfortable and effective oral care routine over time.

Every 3 months: single-headed toothbrush, dual-headed toothbrush, orthodontic brush

Every 6 months: gum massager, standard irrigating tip, periodontal pocket tip, soft tip

Accessories can be purchased on our website where you can also find descriptions and “how to use” videos of each accessory.

Yes, each ToothShower includes 3 accessories, and there are 4 additional accessories available on our website. The irrigating Gum Massager, Standard Irrigating Tip, and the Irrigating Dual-headed Toothbrush are the 3 included accessories. The Periodontal Pocket Tip, Sensitive Gum Tip, Single-headed Toothbrush and an Orthodontic Brush are the other 4 accessories. All of our accessories have the option to irrigate while in use.

There are three tips for using the mirror.

First, be sure to remove the protective plastic film.

Second, squirt hot water across mirror.

Third, tilt the mirrored hood to adjust to your height for a better view of your mouth.

ToothShower is similar to any other appliance in your home that has moisture exposure; ex. coffee machine, water pick, electric toothbrush, etc. Always remove accessory tip from handle to allow complete air drying when finished using. ToothShower can be sprayed down with undiluted white vinegar. There are products on the market for spraying your shower down after use to keep it clean, you could include your ToothShower in the spray down.


The Water Diverter Valve is intentionally designed to always have water flowing to the ToothShower. Use the Water Pressure Dial on the front of the console to turn the water flow OFF/ON to the accessory tips.

Showerhead extension arms are available, which can be screwed onto the ToothShower diverter valve. First remove existing showerhead, second screw on ToothShower diverter valve, third screw onto the diverter the extension arm and lastly screw existing showerhead onto the extension arm.

Yes, the Water Diverter Valve Handle is used to adjust how much water is diverted to the showerhead and the ToothShower appliance. The more water flow diverted to the ToothShower appliance, the stronger its flow and consequently its pressure will be (this is recommend if the household water pressure is weak).

Press the accessory insertion button to release the accessory tip. Once released, place it into the storage compartment. The next accessory tip is inserted into the handle by hearing a 'click' sound, and pulling on it to make sure it is secure.



Yes, since the water force behind the ToothShower technology is adjustable with a water pressure dial, it is recommended to start on the lower pressure until your gums are comfortable to the pressure.  Since it is used in the shower, warm water is always available to aid against cold sensitivity. You may find the Sensitive Gum Tip more comfortable, which is available on our website under Accessories.

There are three different ways to easily adjust the water pressure.

First, use the Comfort Pressure Dial by turning it slowly to the right (starting at the OFF position).

Second, turn the Water Diverter Valve Handle to increase or decrease the water pressure to the ToothShower. The more water flow diverted to the ToothShower, the stronger the it’s flow to the accessory tips. The Gum Massager works at its optimal capability with all water diverted to the ToothShower.

Third, some showers can have the water pressure increased or decreased at the shower faucet/knob by pulling or pushing on the knob. It is recommended to start on the lowest water pressure until your gums are comfortable with water flossing.

Yes, there are four color options (red, blue, white, grey) on the collar of the accessories. The ToothShower comes with the standard white collar. The other colors are available on our website.

The ToothShower model without the mouthwash feature has an additional accessory storage cup to allow for more users.

There are two ways to clean your tongue with the ToothShower. First we offer an Irrigating Tongue Cleaner Accessory Tip, which enables the user to scrape bacteria and dead skin cells off of the tongue. This tip is available on our website under Accessories. Second, the toothbrushes have shorter firmer bristles on the back of the head that can be used to clean debris and dead cells off the tongue.

No, all three accessories reach their own unique areas.  This ensures that plaque is removed thoroughly and helps build better oral care habits. Our BRUSH. FLUSH. MASSAGE. tagline is meant as a suggested order.

It is recommended that this soft-bristled toothbrush be used in a circular motion to brush the entire visible surfaces and the gum line. The dual headed toothbrush is conveniently reaching both the cheek-side and tongue-side simultaneously. You can use and store your own fluoridated toothpaste in the shower. Use a back and forth motion with the short blue bristles (on the backside of the brush head) to clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth. It is recommended that you replace the toothbrush every 3 months. 

The irrigating tip is placed at a 90-degree angle to the gum line. The tip is moved along the gum line to clean above and below the gum and in between the teeth. The irrigating tip can be used on the inside (tongue-side) and outside (cheek-side) of the teeth. It takes about 60 seconds to clean between the teeth by spending a couple of seconds per interproximal (between teeth) space. The irrigating tip is recommended to be replaced every 6 months.

The gum massager/irrigator flushes water from the cheek-side out through tongue-side of the teeth removing food and bacteria debris. It is placed directly onto the gum tissue surrounding the teeth for massaging the gums while irrigating. The massager can be moved left-right / up-down. The gum massager is recommended to be replaced every 6 months. Please note: the gum massager is most efficient with all the water diverted from the showerhead to the ToothShower for this brief time of use.

Flossing is very difficult and frustrating with braces. Oral irrigation has been proven to be very effective in removing debris around orthodontic bands. All three accessories attachments are designed to be effective for use with braces.

Yes, the full depth of the periodontal pocket may not be reached, but the water flushing can assist in treating the progression of the periodontal disease. We offer an Irrigating Periodontal Pocket Accessory Tip to reach deeper into the pockets, which is available on our website under Accessories. Please consult with your dental professional as to treating periodontal pockets deeper than 4 mm or if you have recently had periodontal surgery. 

ToothShower has been designed for use by children age 13 years of age and over. Children under age 13 should be supervised by an adult while using the ToothShower.

No, cleaning between the teeth is effective to  promote good oral health whether done once a week or seven times a week. However, to be most effective, at least once a day is recommended.


For US orders, please allow 5-8 days to receive your ToothShower, unless you choose Expedited Shipping on your order.

ToothShower is shipped around the world with any VAT charges paid by the customer. If you have trouble choosing your country, please contact us.

The universal standard sized piping extending from the shower wall is a ½” pipe size worldwide. In the United States, it is referred to as ½” NPT (National Pipe Threads) and in Europe, Asia and Africa it is ½” BSP (British Pipe Thread). Even though there are two different names for these pipe size standards, they closely match. The difference between these two thread types can be seen in the pitch (angle of the thread); and to compensate for this plumbing, thread tape is recommended and included in the packaging.